Going around the world? Cruising with family or among friends? It's as if you were there...

The adventures of a sailing family on board a Lagoon 400

UK - http://svcoolrunnings.blogspot.fr/
Follow the trips of Dave, Guds, Ben and Gaby

Half a world tour with the family to Polynesia on a Lagoon 380

FR - http://urgiz.free.fr
Jérôme, Séverine and Leo (7 years) will leave France in October 2015 for 2 years at least over the world. They will live onboard their Lagoon 380 Urgiz II.

A family around the world on a Lagoon 450

EN - http://www.sailblogs.com/member/emeraldsea/
This site charts the adventures and misadventures of our family and hopefully share some of the practical tips and tricks that we picked up along the way.

11 years to discover the world, onboard a Lagoon 410

FR - http://www.objectif-iles.fr
Jacques, Vivianne and Benjamin Gauthey were sailing around the world for several years to discover oceans and people of our so wonderful planet, for several years .... to finally decide to leave in New Caledonia!

Amazing destinations and so beautiful pictures to discover!

An around-the-world tour that starts aboard the Lagoon 39 Ti’Amaraa.

FR - http://tiamaraa.blogspot.fr
On 17 May 2014, when the Ti’Amaraa sets sail from the port of La Rochelle, Bernard and Sandra will finally see their dream come true, after five years of reflection and preparation.
This blog contains everything: the start of a dream, first discussions, researching boats, finally choosing a catamaran that will see them through to the end of their project, from preparation to adventure!

Website: www.tiamaraa.fr

A South Pacific Tour onboard the Lagoon 450 "Et voilà!"

UK - http://etvoilaadventures.blogspot.fr/2014/04/the-beginning_4524.html
They bought a Lagoon 450 in December 2012, and had many projects. Finally, they decided to make a South Pacific tour ...." Et Voila!"
They leave Catalina (California, USA) early April 2014, to Marquesas islands.

The crew:
The owners: Theo is from Greece, Wanda from Italia
2 French friends: Marie and Bruno
2 dogs: Isabel and Mambo

And let´s go for a wonderful trip!

A Mediterranean sail tour on board a Lagoon 400

FR - http://www.mariposa.blogs.stw.fr/
This French couple´s aim in cruising is to discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea. Far from their native Britanny, they are looking for the ideal place to stay and enjoy sailing onboard their Lagoon 400.

Lagoon 380 - happy owners!

FR - http://
Patrick and Marilyn Cornic are the very happy owners of the Lagoon 380 "Imagine".
They sent Lagoon this very kind email:

"Could you please let the Lagoon team know our complete satisfaction following the purchase of our Lagoon 380, and our appreciation of the outstanding quality of the after sales service performed just after our Atlantic crossing in December 2013.
We also wish to congratulate your distributor, Harel Yacht, a professional, receptive and extremely kind team. We are really happy of having chosen Lagoon to make us travel around the world.
Kind regards,
Patrick and Marilyn Cornic"

It´s our turn now to wish you fair winds, great discoveries and encounters during your trip around the world. Please send us some news!

Preparation for a round the world sailing aboard a Lagoon 39

FR - http://tiamaraa.blogspot.fr
A French couple tells us in real-time their preparation for a round the world sailing aboard a Lagoon 39!

Daniel & Anna around the world in their Lagoon 380 S2

UK - http://www.baydreamer.se
Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Libanon, Italy, Malta, Spain are some places we will enjoy before need to provision on Gran Canaria before “the big crossing over”.

4 years of travel onboard their Lagoon 470

fr - http://www.voyagesetenfants.com/tour-du-monde-en-voilier-en-famille
Here is the unique story of a couple and their 3 children, one of them born during this journey, who traveled all across the world onboard their Lagoon catamaran !

A Lagoon 421 in Guadeloupe

FR - http://www.zozios.net
A great life plan aboard the Lagoon 421 BULLE.

Toumim, a Lagoon 380 at the start for a round-the-Atlantic trip

FR - http://www.toumim.com/
A crew ready for a round the Atlantic trip onboard their Lagoon 380

Drozzorus: around-the-world trip on a Lagoon 400

FR - http://www.drozorus.com/
They have been prepared since 3 years : Fabrice, his wife Sandrine and their children Chloé and Amandine are currently on a world tour on their Lagoon 400.

Poé Maia, a Lagoon 380 in Tahiti afer having sailed around the world

FR - http://www.poesailing.com/cruise/?page_id=784
Brice Andrieux left Hyères-les-Palmiers in 2010 onboard his Lagoon 380 Poé Maia, to sail to Tahiti and join his fiancée. Since there, they have not left the paradisiac island.

Aboard Lagoon 620

FR - http://enlagoon620.fr/
Follow Pierre and Karine, the owners of a Lagoon 620.

Spirit of PontaPreta

FR - https://www.facebook.com/SpiritOfPontaPreta
A world tour of the spots with a Lagoon 450.

Vagrants seas onboard their Lagoon 380 Ohana: a family, a sailing boat, the world to discover ...

FR - http://www.vagabondsdesmers.com/index.php/pages/Le-projet
"From now on we will try our best to be able to come back in such places". Our story begun with this promise exchanged on a desert beach of the Seychelles islands.

A Danish family on the way around the world onboard the Lagoon 380 Luna

DK - http://ss-luna.com/index.html
Leave everything to live a family adventure: the challenge faceed in 2010 by Eve, Lars and their 3 children.

Leucat, a Californian Lagoon 440 around the world

US - http://www.sailblogs.com/member/leucat
Mary Margaret and Dave dreamt to leave for 10 to 15 years all over the world: and they did it!

Year 8 Day 111: Passage To St. Helena: A Beautiful Spring Day
We had a wonderful sail last night as the winds came up to between 10 and 14 knots, letting us sail along at around 6 knots with the night reef in the mainsail. The stars were out in all their glory and the seas behaved themselves. It was just ideal.
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One World, an American Lagoon 500 around the world

US - http://www.sailblogs.com/member/oneworld

Final Passage

The final passage aboard One World was bittersweet. Marcin, Iris, and new crew member, Lars, departed Nuku'alofa, Tongo for the 6 day passage straight to Whangarei, New Zealand. We all knew, that upon arrival, we would haul the boat and place her up for sale. With the end of our journey near, our minds, emotions, and actions were geared toward saying goodbye. The passage itself was uneventful, with the winds and waves slowly calming down by day 4, leaving us to motor the remainder of the way. Within 36 hours of arrival, I watched as a large crane plucked One World from the river and placed her on solid ground for the first time since leaving Florida in December of 2011. The end has come. Our family adventure aboard One World is complete. Tears came to my eyes as I said goodbye to my crew and the boat. The memories will last a lifetime.  (View Post...) read more

Happy Cat: a Lagoon 421 around the world

UK - http://www.sailblogs.com/member/happycat/
Anecdote: Happy Cat is the Lagoon 421 that was overtaken by the giant trimaran Banque Populaire V, sailing at over 35 knots!
This occured for the ARC 2011 (for the Lagoon 421) and the Trophée Jules Verne (for Banque Pop).

Coffs Harbor, Australia

We arrived at Coffs just after sunset, with calls from Pete Johnston. Marty and Pete were on shore to greet us!! What a wonderful feeling! And quite emotional. It felt like we were back home....
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Cocos des iles - a family around the world onboard her Lagoon 450

FR - http://www.cocodile.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=88&Itemid=101

Lagoon 380 Namasté: pirates of the lagoons

FR - http://www.piratesdeslagons.com/namaste/
The Lagoon 380 Namasté and her pirates crew around the world!

Careka, a Lagoon 380 in Norway

NR - http://lagoon380careka.blogspot.fr/

30.08.2015 en tur i nora + rundt Eiger?y
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A large family cruise onboard a Lagoon 380 (Pacific ocean, New-Zealand)

US - http://blog.toastfloats.com/

His, Hers, and Theirs
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France-Australie onboard the Lagoon 560 Voahangy: a family adventure

UK - http://www.sailblogs.com/member/steenrally/
Follow the sailing adventures of this family crew who will join Australia from France, on their Lagoon 560. Terry and his family take part to the ARC to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, they arrive 4th of the Multihulls division: not so bad!


Sydney, July 2015
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A one-year Honey Moon on a Lagoon 380

UK - http://www.sailblogs.com/member/honeymoon/?show=profile

Vacay Blog: "You're doing what?!"

Author: Elizabeth Hynes
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The blog of the Lagoon 420

FR - http://zerostress-transat.over-blog.com/
Fernand and his crew were preparing this Atlantic crossing for a long time. Today they are sailing in the heart of the race. Follow their performance on their blog.

Arriv? ? Ste Lucie read more

Les voyages de Gulliver (Lagoon 440)

FR - http://www.lesvoyagesdegulliver-cata.blogspot.com/
In 2010, they decide to leave everything for living aboard their catamaran: the daily life on board Gulliver, their Lagoon 440.

Le temps du bilan est venu ....
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Along the Mexican coast, life is beautiful onboard a Lagoon 380

UK - http://svjustaminute.blogspot.com/
Laura, Patrick, their 13 year old son Jack, and their goofball Labrador Retriever travel
the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico in their Lagoon 380.

Stats and Facts from Our Adventure
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A family trip around the world on a Lagoon 380

FR - http://saltis.ca/lam/

Le silence des ?glises
Je sors de la formation que j?ai suivie toute la journ?e. Je marche dans les rues, un peu au hasard. Au d?tour d?un coin de rue, je bifurque vers des maisons ? colombages. Anciennes du Moyen Age, sans doute. ?a … Continue reading read more

The Lagoon 500 SADKO´s delivery, from La Rochelle to Port Louis (Mauritius island)

FR - http://convoyage-sadko.blogspot.com/
9500 miles around Africa.

25 Avril : Sadko ? Port Louis
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A sailing trip from Quebec to Noumea, on a Lagoon 42

FR - http://www.aupalukii.com/
A trip around the world´s seas aboard the Lagoon 42 Aupalukii

Cruising on the Lagoon 420 Shangri-La

FR - http://users.skynet.be/le-shangri-la/index-news.htm
A very useful blogsite that will help you to prepare your trips.

A family in Australia, on the Lagoon 42 Lucey Blue

UK - http://luceybluetoo.blogspot.com/
The plan: daddy, mummy and the 3 children go for 8 monthes onboard their lovely catamaran Lagoon 42, Lucey Blue

Michaelmas Cay - "Now I can PowerDive"!
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Ti Corail, a Lagoon 380 all over the world

FR - http://www.corailaventure.com/
Follow the adventures of the Lagoon 380 Ti Corail and her crew, thanks to their travel diaries

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